Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What You Should Be Watching 1

New little continuous article I'm gonna try it. And it's just not for me, Devon and the countless other writers here on this blog can also jump in on the fun, just keep the count up, this is number 1.

What You Should Be Watching?

Confessions Of A Superhero.

What is it? A documentary. Last year I took the better half and our nephews to the land of Hollywood. And as we strolled along we hit the world famous Graumans Chinese Theater, and as always, the people dressed as various characters were hanging around, taking pictures with people. And it got me to thinking what was with these people? Did they work for the theater? Do they do this for fun? What's the deal?

Last week I found this documentary in my suggestions list on Netflix, and I watched it and all my answers were found. Along with answers, I was entertained and pretty caught up in these peoples lives.

The documentary follow 4 people, who spend their days dressed up in front of the theater. It's their day jobs. They are actors. When not going to auditions and trying to make it as an actor, they make their money on tips in front of the theater. There is Superman, who not only dresses as the character, but WORSHIPS Superman. There is Batman, who has quite the anger management issue, especially when he isn't tipped, Wonder Woman, who is actually pretty interesting, and hot, and of course, The Hulk, who out of them all, seems to be doing much better than how he started off, and out of them all, is actually getting some acting jobs here and there.

That is the jist of it all, it follows their lives, it tells about where they grew up, and how they got to where they are today, the only flaw I found was it doesn't do the traditional, where are they know, right before the end credits. I guess I can hold out for Confessions Of A Former Superhero?

Anyways, if you like documentaries about interesting people, check this out.

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