Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Greatest Christmas Video Ever

So Merry Christmas you fine people. It is Christmas Eve and I am here at work. Yeah. At work, on the EVE. But it's ok, they're giving us Friday off, and we get off today at 2:00pm. I wanted to post SOME kinda Christmas blog and figured the greatest Christmas video of all time should be the way to start it off.

I never got a present that made me lose my mind this hardcore. Now don't get me wrong, as a kid I got pretty fuckin sweet presents, I think it was just the fact that for some strange reason, up until I was 14 I was sick EVERY CHRISTMAS. I either had a serious cold, or the flu, strep throat, something was always fucked up with me on Christmas. Which always kept me from marking out over the Castle Greyskull Playset I got. Plus my Birthday is December 4th and the bad ass presents like my Nintendos and such always came around then instead of Christmas. When I was 14 though I woke up Christmas morning with a serious stomach ache, ignored it, opened presents, then went upstairs and puked my asshole out of my mouth for about 5 hours. Went to hospital, they claim stomach flu, send me home where I sit in pain all night long but no longer puking thanks to the shot they gave me. Get outta bed on the day after Christmas, puke up what appeared to be coffee grounds, go BACK to the hospital where their claim of stomach flu turned to "Uh your appendix has burst we need to get you into surgery NOW." Yeah good job hospital, way to not realize that the day before, assholes. Anyways for some reason ever since that day I've been perfectly fine every Christmas.

Anyways, drink lots of egg nog. Merry Christmas.

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