Monday, December 29, 2008

What You Should Be Watching 3: Hard As Nails

So here's the latest installment of our "What You Should Be Watching" series, and it's probably something you wouldn't otherwise look for. I randomly ran across this while browsing documentaries on HBO On Demand. I saw a documentary called "Hard As Nails," and the description said it was about some controversial catholic minister who had his own way of delivering his message. I figured a documentary on crazy religious people always has to be a winner, so I checked it out. The minister the documentary is about is 29 year old Justin Fatica, who is basically a typical young northeast guy, with the accent and street talk that's normal for a northeast hip hop type guy. The guy was a little loud and energetic, but I didn't really notice anything too crazy.......that is until I see the guy preaching at a church, then taking a chairshot to the back, WWE style! Yeah, the guy is talking about how much God loves them, then takes a chair to the back....yeah this is definitely not your everyday holy roller. Not only the chairshots, but this guy stands out in front of clubs talking to people hitting clubs, and references sex and blowjobs and other things that would never be said by a normal catholic. Then of course there's his preaching where he screams his lungs out, mentioning one of his team members being unpopular due to her being fat (which was rather hilarious upon first view.) This documentary is really crazy to see, I guess because Justin Fatica goes against the normal everyday holy style that most catholics deliver, and presents a whole new outlook that would probably be way more appealing to a lot of young people than the normal Catholic delivery. I honestly kept waiting for some caption to pop up that Justin was involved with drugs or that he had charges against him or something, but nope, just turns out to be a regular documentary on the guy, who has a wife and kid, and just has his own way of delivering the message he's trying to spread. Even if you're not into the holy stuff, I recommend this documentary for sheer entertainment if nothing else. "Hard As Nails" brings you pro wrestling style religious delivery at it's best.

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  1. I too watched this madness. This guys fuckin banana sandwiches. It's def up there with the likes of Jesus Camp.