Friday, December 5, 2008

Where the Hell is Everybody?

I'm sure by now you're wondering where the staff of has disappeared to, but let me assure you we have not gone far. Unfortunately, I've been swamped at work training new hires for a company that just laid off 12,000 people, and in better news, our very own Random Villain became a proud papa! Congratulations to him and Mrs. Villain. Everyone else ... well ... who knows what they're doing?! Either way, we've all been a little busy!

Keep checking back though, we'll be back maybe as soon as this weekend! Thanks!


  1. I shall return soon. I have 2 weeks off for maternity leave, which means Ill be hangin out at home, and the only time I get on the computer from home is when I am in here, in my bathroom, on my latop, taking a poop.

    One thing I would like to discuss is what the fuck is up with the Hancock DVD art spoiling the movie?