Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Adam Walsh Killer Identified... 27 Years Later.

Better now than never I guess right? For those wondering who in the blue fuck Adam Walsh is, he is the son of John Walsh, host/creator of Americas Most Wanted. John created the show after his son Adam was abducted and murdered, actually, Adam was decapitated.

Ottis Toole, admitted to killing Adam years ago, but it was never made official if he really did or not. But today the case is officially closed as Hollywood, Florida police tied up all the loose ends.

I guess at one end, John Walsh could find some closure in this, even though the killer was already in prison, and died 12 years ago in prison, it probably would have been better for John Walsh to find the killer himself and bring him to justice, but at least now he knows who did it, and knows that that person served time for the other murders Ottis Toole committed.

If you're wondering wtf this news has to do with this site, well Americas Most Wanted is a show on TV. And the kidnapping/murder of Adam Walsh was a HUGE media frenzy back in 1981. So there ya have it, we cover it all. Plus I'm one of those people that find it interesting to read about serial killers and how crazy they are. So I've watched countless specials on MSNBC and E! about this murder among others. And it's good to see that all those questions marks that have been bugging John Walsh for 27 years can now turn into periods.

Interesting note, Ottis Toole was once cellmates with Ted Bundy.

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