Thursday, October 16, 2008

Devon Wants To Come Back......

I just received this in my email. It is from Devon.

At what point do I come back?

My self-imposed hiatus has gone on long enough. I'm bored.

I've been toying around with ideas of coming back in more of a character form, still writing like always, but playing up the character in the comment threads. Building on the feud with Random Villain.

I'm not talking about Devon vs. Tony. I'm not interested in that. I'm not interested in having my personal life as a subject in said feud.

Instead, I'm suggesting a make-believe (if you will) feud between the characters of Devon Lohan and Random Villain.

I dunno. Any thoughts?

In which I responded with this email....

You can come back whenever you want, I don't care. You were the one that quit. And the last thing about your personal life stuff was your idea remember? You threw down a challenge, then you go caught posting as anonymous and went insane and left. If youre bored and you wanna come back and write, fine with me, I dont care.

As for a character that you would come back under, thats stupid. This obsession about BEING Devon Lohan is old. I think this whole I WANNA COME BACK AND WRITE AS A CHARACTER AND WORK ON A GIMMICK AND A FEUD thing is really you saying "I wanna come back and write but if I come back under my own name again everyone will make fun of me for quitting and coming back for the 22nd time so if I come back under a new character and name no one will know the difference."

If you wanna write, just come back and write. Don't be a baby about things when stuff blows up on you and you got busted posting as anonymous. Don't make stupid challenges that you won't win. And don't make up some stupid character to hide behind. Make your name, come back, write. Simple. I've tried to do a fake feud with you before and nothing ever came from it but a stupid video with a baby sleeping. There's no point in a fake feud with a make believe person, cause I'll end up just saying "guess what everyone, this make believe person is actually Devon he was too scared to come back under his own name and came back under this name to hide behind." Then feuds over, I win, you look stupid and quit again.

Theres no feuding, its you writing something stupid and I make fun of it then you throw a fit like a baby. If you acted like a grown man and laughed about it or whatever there would never be anything going on. You talk shit to me on there, did you ever see me get all pissy and quit 100 times? It has always been YOUR fault for what goes on on that site with you. You make it all happen. The readers love it, so I push it. It's an entertainment site, I do what I can to entertain. A fake feud is gay. There is no character of Random Villain. It's a username. How I am on there and the opinions I write about are how I really feel about things.

Like I said, if you wanna come back and write articles on the site, just come back on your own name and start writing.

Now I realize, maybe it shouldn't be up to me, maybe it should be up to the readers. Do YOU want to see Devon back here once again? Or do we just leave things as it is. True if he comes back, we will get more content flowing once again, but at the same time, who knows WHAT content we are gonna get. More copied and pasted crap? More pointless crap? Or some stuff that is actually useful. The choice is yours.

ONLY REGISTERED USERS OF BLOGGER CAN POST COMMENTS THAT WILL ACTUALLY MATTER. PEOPLE POSTING AS "ANONYMOUS" AND THAT OTHER BULLSHIT WILL NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY AND YOUR OPINION WON'T MEAN JACK FUCK. (This is to avoid Devon and others posting 1000 times as anonymous saying BRING HIM BACK!!! And yes I know they can still do that if they register a bunch of names on blogger but that just means they have to go through the trouble of making all those names.)


  1. Thanks for helping me make my decision either way... and you call ME predictable.

  2. devon please come back we miss you

  3. FINALLY...someone speaks the voice of reason!