Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Terrence Howard Out. Don Cheadle In! Iron Man 2 News!

Terrence Howard bitched and whined and wanted more money and more cuts on his end of the deal. Marvel said fuck you we can find another black guy. So they did, a better one. Terrence Howard who payed James Rhodey Rhodes in Iron Man has been replaced by Don Cheadle!

I really don't understand what the fuck Terrence was doing. Like he is going to be paid anything great to be in some other big summer blockbuster movie? Yeah, sure. Go back to makin shitty rapper pimp movies there guy. Don Cheadle owns your fuckin ass.


  1. I agree that Don Cheadle is a better actor but Howard is Oscar nominated as well as a stage actor. I heard he was only paid around 12 grand for his Oscar nominated role, so like most actors he is trying to cash in after taking low paid acclaimed roles. No different than someone like Adrien Brody in that respect.

    Cheadle owns since Picket Fences.

  2. Don Cheadle is oscar nominated as well as a stage actor, also. So that has nothing to do with it.

    And yes, Terrence Howard no diffrent from someone like Adrien Brody.... Started off small, got huge, demanded big checks, studios laughed at him. And that was about it for him. Which is why Adrien Brody has not been seen much of anywhere other than going direct to DVD or going into limited theaters in shitty indie films.