Thursday, October 9, 2008

Get Some: A Special Message to McCain Obama and 45 million Americans

I'm tired of watching debates and commercials and hearing all the whining from people who want free this and free that, bailout this and bailout that. I'm tired of hearing about McCain's convoluted "health plan" and Obama's "healthcare as a right" ideals. While healthcare is far from the only issue, it is a hot button issue that drives otherwise rational people insane. People who otherwise believe in self sufficiency, markets, and individual rights become raving socialists when it comes to the medical industry.

Here is your reality check. Out of the 45 million Americans without "health care", around half ( yeah, man like 20 million) simply choose not to. Either they can easily afford insurance or they qualify for a government program.

When it comes to "getting some", no matter what it is you are trying to get, the first step is always going out there and trying to get it- and not sitting home crying in your pillow.

This will tell you how to Get Some, though the "some" in this case might not be the some you are looking to get. However, the same principles apply.

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