Monday, October 20, 2008

Half Rock Band 2 Review

Half Rock Band 2 review? Yeah. Basically I didn't buy the big bundle thing, I only got the game itself. And used the guitar.

So here it is in short, the graphics and character creator to me at least, are about the same as RB1. But the set up for the songs and game play are much MUCH better. In RB1 if you started a career with a friend, and your friend went home but you wanted to keep playing you had to start a 1 player career. Now you can go solo with your band or with your friend whenever you want. Also now you can choose to play whatever instrument you want instead of making new profiles. Everything you hated about RB1 has been taken out, or fixed and made much easier.

This is just one big list of newer games to play. With RB1 they released a patch where you could export all the songs off RB1 and they will be playable in RB2, that way you don't have to switch out game disks back and forth. And you can sell your RB1. The only thing I don't like about this, is when you are in your tour and you select a 3 or 4 song setlist for a special promotion or a mystery setlist, you will sometimes end up playing all 3 or 4 songs from RB1, so you feel like you just paid money to end up playing the first game all over again. Also one thing I don't like is everyone plays this game to unlock all the songs, and it's kinda hard to find the songs you unlocked. But these are the only two complaints. This is a big improvement from the last game.

Now if you are wondering why I didn't snag the bundle which included the drums and guitars and microphone it's pretty simple. Guitar Hero World Tour is also coming out with a bundle. And the instruments from RB1 and Guitar Hero 3 are universal. So each games instruments work for the other. I feared buying the RB2 bundle only to find out the drums in Guitar Hero were far better. So I held out and am waiting until everything is out and set up at Best Buy to test drive before I splurge some cash I don't have to pick up a set of drums.

If you liked RB1, you will be very happy with RB2. It's pretty simple.

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