Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Morning, here are some Transformers 2 Spoilers for breakfast.

Edited by: RandomVillain

Originally removed by: GC


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Long ago I stated we would not be posting ANY Transformers 2 news. Michael Bay and Dreamworks have announced they would purposely be leaking out FALSE rumors and tidbits on the movie to throw fans and news sites off. Because of that, we would not be posting any type of Transformers news until a real teaser trailer was released.

Earlier today a writer who has returned from a hiatus copied and pasted a Transformers 2 article from another site. To that site we apologize. Even though he took out a word here, and a word there and replaced them with curse words, (taking out buttload, and replacing it with shitload) we feel it is STILL directly ripping off another writers work, and have removed the news item.

We are not rewriting the news item for reasons above, no Transformers 2 news. So why this instead? Well sometimes I will go to a site, see a news story, then go back later to show someone else and that news item, or I will see a news item and not have the time to read it so I will come back later, and that news item is gone from the site, with no reason why. So I felt there should be a reason why it was removed. So to those people, sorry again. Blame Devon and his supreme and educated writing abilities. Who is a professional and serious writer as we have been told many times by him. Maybe next time, personal thoughts on a new story will be posted, like I, RandomVillain, do.

And here is a hot picture of some chick to make up for no Transformers 2 news.

Also in a FIRST. Devon has not quit the blog again. He has been removed/fired from the blog. He has been told time, and time, and time again NOT to copy and paste other sites news stories. We have received many cease and desist emails from all over, even USA Today, about crap Devon has copied and pasted. We refuse to have this blog shut down, and blogger accounts suspended due to this. Devon asked to come back, we gave the thumbs up, first blog back he copies and pastes someone elses work, so he is removed from the site.


  1. Well if Devon didn't have the stubborn idiot mind of a 12 year old, when we received the first email he would have never copied and pasted crap again. But he kept on. To avoid further emails I simply just removed him. Telling him not to copy and paste crap doesn't work at all, so why risk it?