Monday, October 13, 2008

JCVD Trailer Is Here! Thats JCVD for... JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME!!

That's right, Van Dammage is back mother fucker. Of course it is a movie, about himself, in a self parody, where Van Damme is broke and his career has hit rock bottom, all the parts he wants keep going to Steven Seagal. so he decides to rob a bank. Seriously. I wish Van Damme would come back in some huge action movies, all the old school guys do it so much better than the shitty action stars we have today. Ice Cube? Brendan Fraiser? Fucks sake. If Van Damme was headlining The Mummy movies, they would be so much better. Could you imagine Van Damme as xXx?? Fuck. Yes!

Now watch this trailer and get happy. This movie comes out November 7th. I am gonna watch me some Sudden Death tonight!

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