Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Review: The Midnight Meat Train

Based on a short story by horror legend Clive Barker, The Midnight Meat Train is about a young photographer trying to find those few shots that will make his career and launch him into being an iconic photographer. One night while following some hoodlums into the subway, he stumbles into much much more. And discovers that there is a killer on the subway. Same train, same time, every single night. And anyone left on the train, goes missing. No remains found, no trace of them anywhere.

This is a strange film, mainly because of its release. It got major buzz on every horror site, but when time came to release it, it went to... the dollar theater? No theatrical release, no direct to DVD. It went straight to the dollar theater. Strange. It still isn't on DVD. And it still isn't in theaters. I don't think it is at the dollar theater anymore either. The only place to find this bad boy is OnDemand on the FearNet channel. And it's free. As long as your cable company has OnDemand you are all set.

This is the best horror movie I have sat and watched since Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon. The kills aren't smart, or inventive, just extremely brutal. Our unknown killer, who is played by the awesome Vinnie Jones. Basically just uses a giant hammer which looks like something Thor would have let Vinnie borrow, and he walks up and bashes the living shit out of peoples brains. Simple right? Ah but it is where the gore comes into play that makes these simple kills and surprise moments really great. Such as someone getting hit so hard in the back of the head that it makes one of their eyeballs pop out and fly at the screen. For any horror fan out there, the owner of that flying eyeball will please you all, he is also a legend in our little horror world.

The photographer, of course, decides to try and solve this mystery on his own. His camera stolen, and the detective he goes to not buying into his crap, he sets out to try and stop this madness himself, and don't worry, even though this plot sounds simple it is far from it. There is a major mystery surrounding all of this, and you don't find out any of the answers until the very end.

This movie is 100 times better than either Hostel movie. It is better than Saw 2, 3, 4 and 5. Even though I haven't seen 5, I know it can't be as good as Midnight Meat Train. I'd need to rewatch Saw, because Saw was pretty damn good.

So if you are wanting a great horror treat to quench your thirst for upcoming Halloween, this is the one.


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