Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An original sitcom! Coming to DevonLohan.com!!

Where are all the news stories? The blogs? Why is the site lacking? Well I, Random Villain, really the lone writer on this blog, is a very busy bee. For you. I am in brainstorms and pre production on a sitcom that will be brought to you fine people, right here on DevonLohan.com.

It is a comedy, about a chupacabra, trying to live a normal life in the city. That's right, El Chupacabra. Living in the big city. Trying to make a living for himself. I am the brains behind the camera while some real actors will take the stage and bring to you a lil comedy for your viewing pleasure. We don't have an official title as of yet, I was leaning for Everybody Loves Chupa. But we will see what comes together.

Stay tuned, it is coming. As well as an all new RVTV.

As for the lack of news stories, anyone wanna be a writer then step up and say so, well hire you.

To show proof of this show, here is a couple images of the star of the show.

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