Monday, October 20, 2008

Target Is A Big Red Target Fuck Face!

So my wife has worked for Target for 2 years. She works in the photo section and as a cashier sometimes.

She is now 8 months pregnant and it's getting a little harder for her to work a full day. She normally works a 6 hour day. And is on her feet all day.

Well Saturday her shift was to be from 2:30pm till 9:00pm, they called her at 10 in the morning to ask if she could come in. So she would have to work an 11 hour day on her feet. She told them there was no way she could do that, she can barely handle standing for 6 hours there wasnt any way she could pull an 11 hour day.

So Target took this as since she cant work an 11 hour day, she should work hardly any days and cut her hours from her normal 30 hour work week, to a 15 hour work week. Thus also screwing us on handling our bills. That's right. Target has decided to punish a pregnant woman for not being able to handle working an 11 hour day on her feet.


That is not very nice.

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