Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dimension To Release 18 Horror Movies In 2009?!

Fitting for Halloween coming up in just over a week that Dimension has announced a shit ton of direct to DVD sequels, in the mix are Pulse 2, more Feast movies, Children Of The Corn 8, more sequels to the upcoming Piranha 3-D and the strangest announcement being that after the upcoming Halloween "2", which is a sequel to Rob Zombies version, we will get even more Halloweens, all going direct to DVD? Yeah, confused I am. I still see Halloween as a big enough name with Michael Myers a big enough character to still hit theaters. But hey, this is Rob Zombies Halloween sequels with Rob Zombies trailer trash douche bag version of Michael Myers, so whatever. Bring back the story from the REAL Michael Myers.... such as....

Why not make the next Halloween not be a sequel, but not be a remake. There is a comic book that just came out, a 3 issue book called Halloween: The First Death Of Laurie Strode. I picked up the first issue last night and it's pretty fantastic. What is the story you ask? The comic book takes place 1 week after Michael Myers was burned up in the hospital fire. Laurie Strode is at her friend Annies funeral, and after the hospital fire, Myers body was never found. So why not give the fans what they all really want? A REAL HALLOWEEN 3!!!!!!!!!!!! With John Carpenters Michael Myers handling business. Thanks.

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