Monday, August 6, 2007

Hackers Turn Tables on 'Dateline' Operative

This is really stupid but fuck it....

After years spent undercover busting pedophiles, con men and, most recently, iPod thieves, you'd think NBC's 'Dateline' would have perfected its whole cloak and dagger routine by now. And, for the average dimwitted criminal, that may be true. But, against the world's most ingenious computer hackers, NBC's spy game is amateur hour.

This became awkwardly clear recently when 'Dateline' spook Michelle Madigan went undercover with a hidden camera to the yearly Defcon conference in Las Vegas, billed as the world's largest gathering of hackers, programmers and security experts. Big mistake. Madigan, way out of her league, was spotted almost immediately. After denying she was a member of the press, she was publicly ousted during a presentation and chased away to her car...broken, busted and humiliated.

I like how one nerd says THIS IS FOR THOSE PREDATORS! So uh, I guess that guy supports child molesters. Another thing, that girl was way too hot for THAT convention. No wonder she was caught. I also like how all the nerds laugh at he when she tries to pull out of the wrong side of the parking lot. Im not so sure what theyre laughing at since they all probably got dropped off there by their moms.

See now if this was Chris Hansen handling this, never woulda happened. Hansen woulda "PWNED" them.

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