Friday, August 3, 2007


Well by the looks of Devons TOP HOT CHICKS LIST in which he needed the help of 3 guys since he obviously knows nothing about girls.... I have compiled a list of the Men that he would want to have his sexy ways with...... here we go! Oh and the quips are as told by, Devo himself.

10: Mark Harmon

When hes not teaching "Summer School" he can investigate my crime scene, any day!

9: Woody Harrelson

This "White Man CAN Jump" my bones!

8: Clint Howard

I'll give this "Ice Cream Man" some cream alright...

7: Jonathan Taylor Thomas

He can be my "Lion King" in the bedroom. I'll be working on my ROOOAAARRR!

6: Andrew McCarthy

How about a little "Weekend IN Devon?"

5: Bobcat Goldwait

Man this Bobcat can... umm well he..... the hell with it just fuck me Bob!!!!

4: Fred Savage and Ben Savage

A ménage à trois with these fine men will make my "Little Monster" go crazy!

3: Jeffrey Jones

I'll "Stay Tuned" alright... tuned into his balls!

2: Reginald VelJohnson

Its not "Family" that "Matters" Its his black dong in my loose chute that does!!

1: Tom Arnold

This is about as close to fucking Random Villain as I will ever get... TAKE ME TOM!!

So there you have it folks! Now go and vote on which one of these men above Devon should actually go after for fornication! Will it be Tom Arnold? Carl Winslow?? Fate is in your hands true believers! (Sorry Devon but you brought this on yourself.)


  1. You could've at least picked semi attractive people.

  2. Indeed, he's the only worthwhile one in the bunch... maybe Andrew McCarthy circa 16 candles....

  3. Hey.... Mark Harmon is a handsome man and he has my vote!

  4. Ummm...

    Andrew McCarthy was not in 16 Candles, he was in Pretty In Pink.

    Know your Hughes you tubby bitch.

  5. Same difference.

    He's a dreamboat either way.

  6. Further proof that I would crush your skull in a battle of Movie Wits.

  7., this little conversation has taken homo-erotic to an all new level.

    I'm just going to uhh, go check out some other posts....yeah.