Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nick Bollea AKA Nick Hogan AKA Hulk Hogans Son in car accident

Nick Bollea aka Nick Hogan was in an auto accident in Downtown Clearwater, FL this evening around 7:30EST.

The passenger is in critical condition. Nick Hogan is in serious condition with a broken arm and head injuries.

Firefighters had to extract Bollea and his passenger, whose identity was not immediately released, from the wreckage. Both were flown to a hospital in nearby St. Petersburg, Florida, Shelor said.

"They're both down there. Nick's father is down there," he said.

Police said Bollea -- known to viewers as "Nick Hogan" -- was not as seriously hurt as his passenger, who was listed as critical.

"I will have this road closed for a minimum of four hours," he said. "It was a spectacular wreck." said the police chief.

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