Wednesday, August 15, 2007

King Leonidas To Escape From New York?!

Len Wiseman is all but got the spit handshake from New Line to join Gerard Butler as Snake Plissken in the remake, ugh, to Escape From New York. John Carpenter will be Executive Producer on this as he was on The Fog... Yeah, The Fog remake, remember that? "Black Hawk Down" writer Ken Nolan is doing up the script. Which hey, I enjoyed Black Hawk Down. I even enjoyed Len Wisemans Live Free Or Die Hard. And any sane person in this world loved the hell out of Butler in 300! So it can't be all that bad.... right? I just hope that in this remake, they explain exactly what happened with Snake in Cleveland.

I'm just wondering exactly what movie that Carpenter made that won't be getting remade at this point. But I swear if they go near remaking They Live, there is going to be hell to pay...

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  1. I don't understand why they're remaking movies that aren't even that old to begin with.