Sunday, August 5, 2007

X Games 13 Results

Well it has come and gone.... The X Games are over and holy crap what a year. "Unbreakable" Jake Browns fall, Pastranas DQ in the Rally car race, The unknown mystery rider coming in and making an attempt at the double backflip, and of course today, the last day of X Games Shaun White conquering yet another sport. After owning Gold in Snowboarding in the Winter X Games, going onto the Olympics and taking Gold in the same sport, came to the Summer X games to try his hand at Skateboard Vert and finally took the gold medal in that as well. 20 years old, and has gold medals in the Winter, Summer, X Games, as well as the Winter Olympics, what is next??? Below is where you can find out the winners of each event, and where everyone else placed.

August 5, 2007

* Skateboard Vert
* Rally Car Racing

August 4, 2007

* Moto X Freestyle Finals & Semis
* Moto X Racing
* BMX Vert Finals
* Moto X Super Moto Finals
* BMX Park Finals
* Moto X Freestyle Prelims

August 3, 2007

* Men's Skateboard Street Best Trick
* Moto X Step Up Finals
* BMX Big Air Finals
* Women's Skateboard Vert Finals
* Men's Skateboard Street Finals
* Amateur Skateboard Vert Finals
* Women's Skateboard Street Finals
* Moto X Super Moto Seedings

August 2, 2007

* Men's Skateboard Street Prelims
* Skateboard Big Air
* Moto X Best Trick

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