Monday, August 20, 2007

New CKY Album in Spring 08! On tour with GWAR!! Viva La Bands!

This update comes directly from CKY themselves. If you have yet to listen to the greatness that is CKY, I suggest you do so now. Anyway, on with the important stuff...

The new album is coming along quicker and smoother than any record we've ever done, and the excitement of being with a new label with many possibilities has me writing non-stop. I'm still coming up with music for the new record, which the band and I are reluctant to elaborate on the details of the material and direction because it raises and/or lowers fan's expectations but it's obvious in typical CKY fashion that if we didnt feel it was better than what we've done in the past that it wouldnt be worth working on. Some of the song titles we're working with are "Hellview III: Hellions on Parade", "Karma Works its Way", "Underappreciated", "Making Contact", "...And She Never Returned", "The Boardwalk Body", "There's Two of Me" and other classics to be. Our work ethic has been more along the lines of Volume 1 and IDR where we tend not to overexamine things and just go with what sounds great right away. There's still a lot of work to do but the album will easily be out by March/April '08.

And if that is not enough to get you excited, how about the fact that tickets just went on sale Saturday for Viva La Bands, a concert featuring... CKY.... and GWAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy Downs - Idaho Falls, Idaho 08/18/2007

Rams Head Live - Baltimore, MD 09/24/2007

Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ 09/25/2007

Norva Norfolk, VA - 09/26/2007

House of Blues - Myrtle Beach, SC 09/28/2007

Revolution - Fourt Lauderdale, FL 09/30/2007

House of Blues - Orlando, FL 10/01/2007

Jannus Landing - St. Petersburgh, FL 10/02/2007

House of Blues - Dallas, TX 10/04/2007

Verizon Wireless - Houston, TX 10/05/2007

Sunset Station - San Antonio, TX 10/06/2007

Marquee - Tempe, AZ 10/08/2007

Joint - Las Vegas, NV 10/09/2007

soma. - San Diego, CA 10/11/2007

Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA 10/12/2007

Warfield - San Francisco, CA 10/13/2007

Salt Air - Salt Lake City, Utah 10/15/2007

Fillmore - Denver, CO 10/16/2007

Cains - Tulsa, OK 10/18/2007

Pops - St. Louis, MO 10/19/2007

Beaumont - Kansas City, MO 10/20/2007

Myth - Minneapolis, MN 10/21/2007

Congress - Chicago, IL 10/23/2007

Eagles Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI 10/24/2007

LC Pavilion - Columbus, OH 10/26/2007

Agora Ballroom - Cleveland, OH 10/27/2007

Harpo's - Detroit, MI 10/28/2007

The Docks - Toronto, ON Canada 10/30/2007

Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA 10/31/2007

Roseland - New York City, NY 11/02/2007

The Palladium - Worcester, MA 11/03/2007

For more info on tickets, and other bands, head to

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  1. Never heard of CKY, but Gwar is awesome!