Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ultra Entertainment Needs More Writers! Now Hiring!

Are you an experienced blogger who wants to join a team of others looking to produce a successful blog site? Maybe a new blogger who really thinks they can contribute and add an entertaining element to an already highly diverse, entertaining site? Well we want you! Ultra Entertainment is looking for people who want to join the team and help us add even more content to the site. We've been running for almost a year now, and are replacing some writers due to various reasons, one being lack of content, and it's time to take things to the next level content wise. For any of you that have read our blog, we cover movies, music, sports, headline news, basically anything that someone could find entertaining. If you enjoy watching movies or listening to music then doing a review, great! Previewing a movie or a new CD, cool! Just want to give your opinion on a subject that you want just want to blow off steam about? That works too! Show us what you've got. Right now the job pays $0, as we're still a growing site, and our adsense makes a grand total of about 17 cents a month right now, but the big picture is trying to make this a successful site that does indeed make some $, so it could be a paying gig in the future, as we're gaining readers daily and being picked up in various spots on the net. For anyone interested, if you haven't read our blog before, have a look you can tell, we're not a G Rated blog, and we're pretty open to just about every subject, so if your easily offended or can't take a joke, this might not be the team for you(Just a little heads up for any of you that dont like taking things to the extreme.)

If interested, reply here with your e-mail, or e-mail us a little about yourself and a sample blog entry to

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