Sunday, August 26, 2007

Classic WWE SummerSlam Memories

In honor of WWE's Summerslam later tonight, I've been checking out some of the classic videos that would kick off the event every year and some classic Summerslam matches on 24/7. Back then, Summerslam always fell on the Monday Night of the first day of school. School starting was always rough, but getting out after that first day, and knowing Summerslam was happening that night was a huge thrill. Summerslam 88 was the first WWE Pay Per View that I ever ordered. Seeing the Ultimate Warrior surprise the HonkyTonk Man and win the Intercontinental title from him was the first thing on that show that had me jumping up and down with madness. Honky had just held the title for well over a year, and the Warrior destroyed him. Of course the classic MegaPowers vs. MegaBucks showdown was the hugely hyped highlight of the night, and with Jesse "The Body" Ventura as the special ref, this first SummerSlam main event was great. Summerslam 89 had the Ultimate Warrior regaining the Intercontinental Title from Rick Rude, and he began his road to WrestleMania 6 as the next big main event star. We also saw Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake take on Macho Man and Zeus, which was interesting as was anytime Zeus was in the ring. Summerslam 90 My memories include seeing the Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich defeat Mr. Perfect for the IC title, the Hulk Hogan return to take on Earthquake, and the Ultimate Warrior defeat Rick Rude in a cage match, in which i thought at the time Rude had a definite chance of winning. SummerSlam 91 had multiple memories, the match made in heaven with Mach Man and Elizabeth's wedding, the match made in hell with Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior taking on the Triangle of Terror with Sid as the referee, the Legion of Doom becoming the first and only team to win the AWA, NWA, and WWE Tag Team Titles as they defeated the Nasty Boys, and of course Bret Hart's classic win over Mr. Perfect for the IC title. '92 was the unforgettable Wembley Stadium show, with a record crowd witnessing the legendary British Bulldog vs. Bret Hart IC title classic (My oh my the IC title produced so many Summerslam memories). The list goes on and on with great Summerslam Memories.

Today, Summerslam is still one of the "Big Four" pay per views of the year, although is doesn't have the same special feeling it did in the beginning, this year WWE has at least done a good job making the event feel "special" with the return of Triple H, and even Rey Mysterio. Hopefully tonight will be one of the top pay per views of the year, which will also FINALLY hopefully end the reign of John Cena, and let a new era begin! If not, I'll be HUGELY disappointed, as its time for Cena to hit the door. Feel free to comment and share your own Summerslam Memories here.


  1. Yep, to me no PPV has yet come close to topping Summerslam 91, that was the best EVER. Bret Harts win ruled even though I was a huge Perfect fan, that match made Bret win me over.

    Big Bossmans jailhouse match sending the Mountie to jail.

    God damn Virgil vs Dibiase was basically hyped up for YEARS, Roddy cheering virgil on.

    And mother fuckin LOD WINNIN THE BELTS. That kicked ass.

    Such an awesome PPV, wish tonights Summerslam, which I wont be watching, would be just as awesome. No need to watch it since every match from tonight is going to have a rematch either on Raw, or on the next PPV.

    I remember when on a PPV, that match was going down on that PPV only, no rematches, no nothin, a match was hyped and that was going to be that.

    Sigh...... I miss the good ol days.

  2. The best summerslam's by far have been 88,89,92,94. Stop hatin' on Cena! Until H wins it back I don't know of anyone else worthy of carrying the belt. I was at Summerslam this year and it wasn't that great. Except for keeping the