Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stephen Sommers directing G.I. Joe A.K.A. The Worst News Ever

This is by far the most fucked news ever. I have longed for a G.I. Joe movie. And it looks like I am going to get it. But it won't be the movie I want to see...

Word has broken that Paramount has given the directing job to Stephen Sommers.


This really blows. Stephen Sommers makes half assed movies with nothing but giant CGI Effects but with ZERO character development, storylines that are retarded as shit, and the worst directing ever. Mixed in with movies full of so many plot holes I could grate fucking cheese with it. Seriously, I did.

For those unfamiliar with Sommers.... He made

The Mummy
The Mummy Returns
Van Helsing
Deep Rising

Yeah I'm going to stop there.

4 movies with the worst directing I have ever seen in my life. I put Sommers up there with Brett Ratner. They are no film makers. They are making movies for studios for some cash. They have no love for cinema, they have no passion for film making. They suck the souls and lives out of movies. Ugh.

This is 100 times worse than Halloween being remade.

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  1. Knowing that this movie will probably be the newest bastard child of mainstream Hollywood Crap since the long awaited AVP movie that was PG13, someone really needs to do their homework to get this movie worth making.

    Transformers was able to pull off because you had guns, stuff that transformed, and oh yeah and a FOXY 18 year old in it.

    I say cut the crap go for a dooms day scenario plant a nuke in Chicago blow it to kingdom come, have Cobra take the bragging rights and start with the US on a serve of a 4/20 civil war 2 with the Joes bringing todays todays problems mainstream. The point of GI JOE was a recruiting tool by the millitary... this movie needs to make people ask them selves do they have what it takes to be a real American hero when they come out of the movie theater and find the nearest recruiter's office.

    Get tom clancy to write to script, get the transformers guys to make the vehicles, and for god sakes get R. L. Emrey to say it like it is.

    Skip the pg 13 bs, because everyone knows kids are going to see the movie anyway. If not why play with guns and action figures.

    Yo Joe!!!