Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Is Stupid, And So Are You. David Cook Wins.

American Idol is an obsession for some people. They go crazy over their favorite, and lose their fucking minds when they're voted off, but why?

As for me, I watch the auditions like every other sane person in the world. And for those insane people, they watch it all. Which for me, after the auditions are all over, and they narrow the final people down, the show is pretty much POINTLESS.

Every year, thousands of people try out, and only a tiny portion make it onto the show. Past the auditions, and past all the cuts. It gets down to the true people that can sing, I guess. To me they all sound the same, singing the same tired songs, over and over. But here is the real reason as to why most sane people don't bother to watch past the auditions. And why this show is fucking pointless.

Win or lose, everyone gets record contracts. Shit from what I have seen so far, if you go on Idol and fuckin LOSE you end up doing better than the winners. Seriously. Look at Jennifer Hudson, she went on Idol, lost, so what does she do, goes and wins a fucking OSCAR. Chris Daughtry loses, and goes on to sell millions of records and become the new Nickelback. Out of the past 6 seasons, so far only 2 of the winners went on to do great in their careers. Carrie Underwood being the best. Kelly Clarkson being second, I guess. Then theres people like, Ruben, and that Fantasia chick that looks like Chris Tucker, I think shes doing some show on broadway now, woop de fuckin do. Oh and of course Taylor Hicks, yeah man, he went places. And last years winner Jordin Sparks uhhhh, yeah well alright.

So to me, this show is fuckin pointless. If the person you are rooting for loses, you should cheer! That means they are getting a damn record contract anyways, and might end up doing better than the winners. And from what has been rumored, but never really said, the losers are sometimes paid better than the winners. This year Jason Castro was seen on live television mouthing the words "dont vote" and many believe he wanted and was hoping to be voted off, due to being offered a record contract that squashed what he would have received for winning Idol. Daughtry himself has said that he is very very glad he did not win Idol.

Most of all, people complain about these kind of shows, much like they complain about the whole, crappy spoof movies that are coming out. They don't want to see anymore, they hate them, wah wah wah. Well you know how to stop it all from happening people? STOP FUCKIN WATCHING!


  1. Some kid who lived in his car and did not even make the cut already signed a major label record contract. So yeah, losing still results in record deals.

    This year some of the contestants already had deals in the past. Kristy Cook had some production deal with britney Spears or some shit, Michael Johns was in a group and signed to Madonnas label, and Carly had a deal with a $2 million dollar budget and only sold 300 CDs.

    Shit William Hung probably outsold some of the fnalists.

  2. David Cook already has 3 albums with the band Axium, and his own solo album, Analog Heart.