Thursday, May 15, 2008

The New Taco Bell Items Put To The Test!

Like any other red blooded American male in their 20s, I am a die hard Taco Bell fan, have been my whole life. And any time a new item hits the Bell, I must check it out. Well Taco Bell has just released 5 new items on their menu, and I skipped breakfast this morning, to put them all to the test to inform all of you, what is good, and what should go.

1. Fruitista Freeze. Mango. Strawberry.
I have waited awhile for Taco Bell to beef up their dessert menu. Only thing they ever had on there was the caramel apple empanada which is alright I guess. And then of course on their dessert menu is potatoes? Whatever. Now we get a fruit freeze drink. And it is great. Real strawberries thrown into the mix at that, which always pleases me.

Final Verdict. 5/5

2. Cheese Roll Ups.
I can do without these things. All they are is exactly what they are named. Shredded cheese melted up and rolled up in a tortilla. Meh, I'll stick to the quesadilla.

Final Verdict. 2/5

3. Triple Layer Nachos.

Nachos are my favorite snack. So to see something besides a tiny bag of chips and a cup of cheese on the value menu, pleases me. Sauce, cheese, beans, on the chips, for only 79 cents? Boosh!

Final Verdict. 4/5

4. Cheesy Double Beef Burrito.
Not bad, but nothing new. Just some beef rice and nacho cheese. Could be better.

Final Verdict. 3/5

5. Big Taste Taco.
The best, saved for last. The name is no joke, this taco has big taste in it. And even though it is brand new, I have to say, it is the best item on the entire menu. Go get it. Baja sauce, lettuce, cheese, beef, crunch strips. OOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

Final Verdict. 10/5

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