Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fred Durst Made A Movie.... And It Doesn't Look Half Bad!?

So Ice Cube stars in one of those, kid sports movies. About some girl that can throw a football good, and Ice Cube helps her join the high school football team. Big deal right? Well two things are kind of surprising about this.

Limp Biscuit, thats right, I didn't spell it all hip like the actual band does, singer Fred Durst, DIRECTED this movie. WTF right? Major WTF. Capital letters and all.

On top of that, this movie actually doesn't look half bad. I won't be rushing to the theaters to watch it, but when it hits DVD I'll give it a go.

Also does the movie voice over guy remind anyone else of the movie voice over guy from the episode of South Park with all the Rob Schneider movies?

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