Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Heath Ledger Joker Action Figures are Flying Off The Shelves!

Were you looking to buy Heath Ledger Joker figures at your local toy store? It turns out The Dark Night Heath Ledger action figures may be hard to find. The Dark Knight hasn't even hit theatres yet, but the fact that we know going in that this will unfortunately be Heath Ledger's only appearance as the Joker has sparked a huge interest in his newly released action figures. We've got a few reports that the figures are nowhere to be found in various big cities across the country, and they're obviously already being looked at as major collectors items. We're not sure how widespread the production of the Ledger Joker figures will be, but if they keep selling so fast, they may be really hard to find once the Dark Knight has run it's course in theatres. This is a winning situation either way, as the Dark Knight will be a bad ass movie regardless, and the Joker is always an awesome character to see in the movies, so a Joker figure is already cool to begin with, but now the hunt is on for Heath Ledger Joker figures that are going to be nearly impossible to find by the sounds of things. One of our friends said he was able to buy Heath ledger Joker figures over at Best Selling Toys, who claim they are keeping up with available Heath Ledger Joker Figures, so check them out there if your unable to find this figure from the Dark Knight in stores.

Is anyone out there finding any actual stores where you can buy the Heath Ledger Jokers? Let us know!

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  1. Thanks for the link, Money.
    You are right, these things are pretty hot and scarce right now.