Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grand Theft Boring

So, I have put a good 2 hours worth of playing into Grand Theft Auto IV. Holy crap this is the most boring game ever. Basically, it is the same exact shit as the previous Grand Theft Autos, just with some enhancements, none of which related to actual gameplay. Nerds everywhere are going on about the graphics, true, the game looks great. And oh wow instead of seeing the car bouncing now when you get a hooker you can see her fucking you! Yee fuckin haw kids.

So far the most thrilling thing in the game is I drove somewhere, and threw a brick through a window for one of my missions. WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than that, I've had a few annoying car chases, and I've had to shoot some guys. All of which I did in the first damn GTA game. Yee haw. Boring.

And of course, I voice my opinion on this to a message board full of GTA nerds, in which they reply with.

"Dude, you've only put 2 hours into a 30 hour game. I'd say you need to play a little more to get to the good stuff."

I have heard the similar quotes all over about this game. And no one realizes how fucking stupid this sounds. What kind of sensible video game player, wants to play a boring game for 3 hours to wait for it to get good? That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard of on the planet. And proves my point even further that 360 and PS3 may have the graphics, but Nintendo will always be king of gameplay entertainment.

On top of GTA being boring, and taking 3 hours before the STORY gets good. It is also easy. It is the easiest damn game I have ever played. There is zero challenge. But of course, maybe after 19 hours of playing, something challenging may happen, yay.

As for me, I will be trading in this pile of crap for some store credit later this week. And will find a game that is good from the beginning. How fuckin stupid does it seem that, todays day and age we have Playstation 3 and x Box 360, and we have a new Grand Theft Auto game out. But Super Mario Bros on the NES rivals it in entertainment, gameplay, and challenge? Seems kinda crazy to me. I didn't have to play Mario for 3 hours before it got fun.

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