Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thanks Heath. No Joker for Batman 3. Thats right, I said BATMAN 3!!!!!!!!!

So here is the word about Batman 3.

The Joker was originally supposed to be back in Batman 3. Somehow, someway. But due to Heath clocking out early this year, things went into a tailspin. And Warner Bros had to come up with something. And that something is The Joker has now been written out of Batman 3. Heath was due to return as The Joker, but Warner Bros decided writing The Joker out completely is a much better idea than recasting him. And I agree fully. Which means there will just be even more Two Face. And much like how The Dark Knight is based off the graphic novel The Long Halloween. The third Batman will be based off of Dark Victory. Which..... introduces Robin. So the Boy Wonder may appear in Batman 3. Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale said they would both be back for a third movie but ONLY, a third movie. After that they are putting their Batman Trilogy to rest.

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