Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In The Return Of Old Icons. Rambo Is Tops.... But Who's Next?!

We had Arnold return for Terminator 3. We had Stallone return for Rocky Balboa. We had Bruce Willis back for Live Free Or Die Hard. We had Stallone back again for Rambo. Then we had Harrison Ford back for Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Shit we even have Corey Feldman back for Lost Boys 2. Who next?

I find it, somewhat odd, and quite awesome at the same time. That Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas, the two biggest film makers of our time, if not of all time, return with one of cinemas biggest icons, Indiana Jones, and even though it is financially so far making a killing a the box office. The movie itself was pretty weak. Yet, Sylvester Stallone, returns with Rambo. And to me, and to others, Rambo is a far better movie than the new Indiana Jones. Why?

The fans. Lucas and Spielberg don't give a damn about their fans. They do what they want, and just look for them dollars signs and box office numbers to light up. As for Stallone, he gave the fans what they wanted. When the new Rambo was being made, he often visited message boards to read what fans were saying, to make sure he delivered what everyone wanted. And what we got was one of the best action films in YEARS. If more film companies cared about the fans, and less about just producing shit, we would get more movies like Rambo, and less movies like Meet The Spartans.

The Crystal Skull is pretty divided. Most people HATE it. Others like me, think it had potential, but failed left and right with idiotic action scenes and way too much CGI. Then there are the retarded people of the world that claim it to be the best, even better then Temple Of Doom! To which if I ever met a person face to face that says the words, Crystal Skull is the best of the 4, then I will have to kick them in the shin and laugh at their idiocy. Everyones entitled to their opinion, unless it's fuckin stupid. Now if someone was to say, Rambo is the best of the 4 movies. That is a good argument, because it just might be. To me, Stallone did a better job at bringing back an icon, than Steven Spielberg did. Stallone, did better then Spielberg. Now this may sound crazy to some of you, but keep in mind, he has himself a couple Academy Award nominations himself. For a movie that won Best Picture. Something I don't see George Lucas doing. Stallone 1, Lucas 0.

And even though Rambo did not make nearly as much as Crystal Skull, Rambo is a far, FAR, superior movie. If you don't believe me, go get Rambo, it hit DVD today. So, in the return of action movie icons, who should be next in line to return? Who is the next icon of film that is now aged and old, but should still return for one last movie? I have my pick, and I am sure you will agree. That there is only one man that needs to return, one last time.

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