Monday, May 12, 2008

Rocky 3 and 4 Movies in Action Figure Form!

As a Rocky fan, these videos made my day recently, so I can't help but share them here on For anyone that is a Rocky enthusiast, we were overjoyed with the news that Jakks would be releasing a complete Rocky line of action figures a couple of years ago. Their line was awesome, and had some great figures that went deep into the movies, featuring characters that you REALLY had to be a Rocky movie enthusiast to know (Even Frank Stallone got a figure!) But these videos take it to the next level, a complete overview of Rocky 3 (my personal favorite Rocky movie of all time,) and Rocky 4, with the Jakks action figure line! The music is there, the multiple looks of the characters from different points in the movies, and even the legendary Rocky montages are there. When i see Rocky and Apollo figures running on the beach and training, and when I see a bearded Rocky figure climbing mountains and training in the snow, its a true feel good moment for Rocky and even action figure fans. The time and effort that went into this had to be huge, so a huge thumbs up to the creators on these classic creations. So sit back, and enjoy, the greatness, that is Rocky 3 and 4, in figures!

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