Monday, May 5, 2008

Geekgasms. The Avengers are coming! Iron Man Thoughts, and More about Marvel!

I'm just gonna get straight to the point. I saw Iron Man over the weekend. And it is hands down the BEST comic book movie ever. Better than Spiderman. Damn right. And we now venture to Spoiler Land so beware. If you stayed after the credits for Iron Man, you would have seen Mr. Samuel L. Jackson appear as Nick Fury. And he has come to Tony Stark to talk to him about The Avengers Initiative. Indeed. Geek out all over the chair in front of you kinda moment.

Now, many questions blew into the air, and yes, all answers are here.....

The Incredible Hulk as we all know, comes out in a couple months. Tony Stark, makes an appearance, and yes, it is Robert Downey Jr.

April 30th 2010, we will have Iron Man 2 which in that movie, will introduce Thor, who will have his own movie June 4th 2010.

May 6th 2011. We will get Captain America!

And what does this all mean? It means we will be headed towards The Avengers in July 2011.

God damnit this is awesome news. Thank god Marvel started their own studio so they could get shit done right.

Alright, now go run around like a maniac.


  1. Wow, comic movies that acknowledge other characters, keeping the same actors who played those characters, then intermixing with other comic movies......all connected and leading to MORE movies. Greatness, I love it.

  2. Fuckin right on. Iron Man was a 2 hour cream-your-pants-athon. There's supposed to be a Nick Fury movie too, from what I've read. Maybe DC can pick up on this shit, and give us some damn Batman vs Superman or SOMETHING. I want some goddamn Justice League awesomeness!

  3. Justice League was so fucking gay. Avengers would fuckin straight up destroy the piss outta them. Superman Returns was for queers.