Monday, May 19, 2008

Where is Devon? A.K.A. California Lifts Ban On Gay Marriage!

So we have wondered, where exactly has Mr Devon gone? I miss his Kevin Costner blogs. Well some have their theories, and I have mine....

The California Supreme Court has given the big gay boot to the ban on gay marriage. The big bad Chief Justice says that "responsibility to care for and raise children does not depend upon the individual's sexual orientation."

Now this ruling will not take effect for 30 days, which gives someone enough time to pack up their shit and head out to California, just sayin.....

San Fransisco is going to hold HUGE parties everywhere and invite bands like Nickelback and Panic At The Disco to come and play their gay music at gay wedding parties. As for if any other states are following behind California in lifting the gay ban, none so far.

Especially where I live. Arizona. They actually said FUCK NO to lifting the gay ban. So gay cowboys will just have to wait longer for the ban to be lifted here. As for my personal thoughts on the whole thing, I could give two fucks. I don't see why such a ban is needed. If two dudes want to get together and get married, go for it, it has zero effect on my life. So why the hell should I care? That goes for everyone else throwing the ban down. Just lift it already, who cares? You realize that if you lift the ban, gay people would stop throwing gay riots and having gay parades and starting gay protests don't you? They would mind their own business, just like you should be doing.

That's right, Random Villain is back from his honeymoon, and back in full force. Fags.


  1. stupid stupid stupid

    Didn't the blog owners say this kind of crap wasn't allowed?

  2. Devon = whiny bitch. Villain FINDS stuff to write about, just like every other entertainment site. Maybe u should either go away forever, or write some fuckin blogs and gain a fan base like Villain has done. I dont see anyone else with a lack of material on this site or any other but you. Get to work chump.

  3. rofl spoken like a true fan of the RV.

    Yeah Devon, get to fuckin work. And not by hitting CTRL C and CTRL V over and over again.

    As The Blog Turns.

    Phil earns DEVON LOHAN FAN OF THE MONTH award status, the first one ever given out, congrats phil, just for that, more blogs tomorrow!

  4. Did you just give yourself a fan of the month award.... for yourself?

    I haven't been writing because A. I was out of town, and B. now that I'm back I have a shitload of work piled up to take care of. Now don't worry your little heads, I'll hop back on the bandwagon soon enough, and start posting blogs with careful word placement and links to bring in hits from all the perverts of the internet looking for nipple slips.

  5. I don't see what all the complaining is about. This site has always been 90% writers bashing writers, vaguely rewritten news from other sites, or random posts that are only designed to get me to click on a link and bring in another whopping $.30 in ad revenue. You guys act like there was ever really much genuine content to begin with.

  6. Uh, hey Devon, instead of your super cool hidden meaning pot shots on the content here, why don't you just go write on another site, or start your own, that is for um....nothing, not money. Doesn't sound like you're happy with the way things happen here, so why stay and keep complaining?