Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If you had no interest in The Happening before, you just might now!

So M Night Shamlalamadingdong has a new movie coming out. His movies have always let me down. They start off interesting, and some even give me the willies, like Signs, but then the movies finale is always a let down. Even Sixth Sense big huge twist left the movie with so many plot holes it was insane. Such as, if Bruce Willis is a ghost, and only the kid can talk to him, who the fuck told Bruce Willis that the kid was in the hospital after getting locked in that closet?

Anyways, his new movie The Happening is on the way, and I had a small interest in it, but after watching this new teaser trailer today, I am fucking THERE. I had no idea that this is Mr. Shamlalamadingdongs first R rated movie! So I am very, very interested to see what he can do when he is not tied to the confines of staying PG-13. Here is a small taste of what he has in store for us.


  1. I was excited after seeing the trailer as well

    ...then I read the review of the script. Do a search and find out who the "villain" really is. You'll save yourself a lot of disappointment.

  2. I dont read script reviews.

    A. It spoils everything.

    B. Scripts change all the time, and sometimes they change on the set of the movie, as scenes are being filmed.

    C. If the script doesnt change, alot during editing of the film is cut out. So in the end, the film could be nothing like what the original script seemed like. (Halloween 6 for example)

    D. Many fake scripts float around, and M Night is very careful with his scripts (his actors must sit and read the scripts with security standing over their shoulders) so if it was a script review for The Happening, my guess is it was a fake review.

  3. It's trees

    Trees and plants decide to kill people, and Mark Mark Wahlberg spends half the movie running from wind.

    Sorry to spoil it for you