Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nude Eva Mendes has me doing "The Fast and Furious"

What the Hell? I've been a big fan of Eva Mendes since Training Day. I remember scouring the internet for the little nude stills of her from that movie. She has had a lot of sexy roles since then and done some sexy posing in pictures but we haven't really had very many quality Eva Mendes nude pics. Maxim type stuff just doesn't do it for me. For a busty babe, I need to see the breasts and all of that stuff.

Well, guess what? Eva Mendes is nude and shows her breasts in Italian Vogue.

Yep, none of this "cover up the nipples" stuff. We want to thank the Italians. For some reason in the Goood Ole USA if you want to see Eva Mendes nude breasts or the nude breasts of any hot babe you gotta look at smut mags, get a DVD ( if she does nude scenes) or find find the pics online. Of course looking at Eva Mendes nude online will work fine if it's decent quality. And that's why you are here. Excuse me while I blow these up on my 30" widescreen monitor.

1 comment:

  1. Why in the fuck does it have to be all these weird fucked up photos? You have to be a shitty photographer to get one of the hottest women in the world to get naked and STILL fuck it all up.