Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WTF Speed Racer. Why the bomb? Speed Racer Is GOOD!

Sorry for the lack of news and what not kids, I've been a busy lil guy. Gettin married, closing on a house, and being sick as fuck, but I'll try to pick up the pace, just for you. Onward!

I saw Speed Racer this past weekend with a couple other people. And by couple other people I don't mean I went with them, I mean that's all that was in the theater that night with me and the wife. And I sat there and watched this movie and was pretty entertained. It was a good movie. But where was everyone?

How can the creators of The Matrix, turn Speed Racer into a movie that is visually stunning. Like something I've never really seen before. Completely fucking BOMB? It made 18 million at the box office, coming in third place behind the new ASHTON KUTCHER CAMERON DIAZ MOVIE. What the fuck?!!? Here are my thoughts....

Speed Racer is rated PG. Which might have been a turn off for older viewers not wanting to go see some kiddie movie, which it really wasn't honestly I don't see how the hell it was PG but whatever. On top of that, parents wanting to take their kids to go see it, see the 2 hour 15 minute running time of the damn thing and realize sitting in the theater for close to 3 hours (counting getting there in time for seats, watching the 20 minutes of previews, then movie) is not gonna happen with their kid who is hopped up on dippin dots. Mix all that in with the fact that, even though it is a good movie, rated PG, primed for the kids, the plot is fucking confusing as hell. The movie, Speed Racer, rated PG, for kids, is about corporate corruption in the world of racing and about some new engine this evil company makes and some chinese dude is trying to be killed by Racer X saves him and him and Speed have to race with the chinese dude and win the race all while the audience is like WTF is happening in this movie? I didn't fully understand the plot or story until the movies finale. Anyways, seeing John Goodman beat the living shit out of ninjas made my night and immediately gives this movie my two thumbs up. If you plan to watch Speed Racer, go see it in the theater, the visuals are insane and will not hold up on DVD sadly. See it in the theater, or wait for Blu Ray. Also, if you are epileptic, do not go see this movie for you will fucking die.

With that, with my feelings that the movie was just good, not great. And with no one showing up for it, and with Ashton and Cameron Diaz beating Speed Racer. Who the hell is really behind all this?
Yeah, that's who. I believe after last weekend of seeing Iron Man that it will be hard for any movie this summer to get past "it was good" status. Everything will measure up to Iron Man. After we left the theater, the wife and I both said the same thing. "Good, but it's no Iron Man." Robert Downey Jr and Mikey from Swingers single handedly destroyed the Wachowskis. And to me, that is money, because The Matrix Trilogy fucking sucked.

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