Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV Vs. Mario Kart Wii

Grand Theft Auto has taken over the world. Game nerds, and game sites are praising it as the greatest game ever made. 10 out of 10. A pinnacle in gaming history. And many people fail to see the fact that on the same weekend, another sequel to a classic franchise was released. The new Mario Kart game for the Wii. I own both. And I have spent time playing both. But which has gotten more of my attention? Read on.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a beautiful game. The graphics are top notch. The targeting system is a handy feature. And all the crazy little mini games, like bowling, are pretty cool. But other than that? Meh. People are going on and on about how great the storyline is. Yes, story lines in games are pretty damn cool when you get to play them. But when I'm sitting for 15 fuckin minutes, watching a game, instead of playing it, I start to get a little annoyed. I didn't pay 60 dollars to watch a game. So if there's gonna be a cool storyline, how about letting the actual player get involved. On top of this, the game itself gets pretty repetitive. Watch a 5-10 minute long scene, go get in a car you are given, drive somewhere, beat up someone or kill them, drive back. Go pick someone up, drop them off. Over and over. Now I am sure things get more interesting down the road, but how about something that hangs onto my interest? GTA IV is pretty much just the same ol same ol when it comes to the GTA games. Nothing really NEW is brought to it. I tired the multiplayer and it just seemed kinda crappy. To me, it's a GOOD game. That is it. No 10 out of 10, and far far FAR from the greatest game of all time. I also enjoyed buying this game, when I pretty much punked the crap out of the guy at the counter who said. "Dude do you need anything else for this like a strategy guide?" To which I replied, "Why the fuck do I need a strategy guide for a game that gives the player infinite lives?"

Mario Kart Wii. Well we go back to where GTA is, control wise nothing new. Some new characters, and new tracks. A couple new multiplayer options and motorbikes. And you can also now do tricks in midair to get a speed burst when you land it. No sitting for 15 minutes watching a story and crap. You get in, go, and race your ass off. The Wii Wheel that came with it is a little annoying, but thats where Nintendo is great with the Wii. Like Super Smash Brothers, if one control option is annoying, there are about 4 others. Don't like the wheel? Use the Wiimote and Nunchuck, don't like that? Use just the wiimote, or the classic controller. Shit you can even use a Gamecube controller. Along with that are of course some new characters. And my favorite part being the Retro Classes. Where some tracks from previous Mario Karts are playable in the cup series. And for the first time as well, Mario Kart is online, so you can race with friends from anywhere. And it also has CO OP online. Which I have been praying for. There are online tournaments held by Nintendo as well. So much more with the online features I have not even tried everything out yet.

So, which game gets more of my attention? Mario Kart Wii. Hands down, much, much more fun to play alone, or with friends, or online.

P.S. To the game nerds saying GTA IV is better than Ocarina Of Time, you are mentally challenged.

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