Saturday, August 9, 2008


Breaking news coming out on CNN right now, Comedian and Actor, Bernie Mac died.

This is obviously terrible news, and since I don't see this on any other sites right now, stay tuned to as the story unfolds over the day.

CHICAGO (AP) - Bernie Mac, the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor and comedian who worked his way to Hollywood success from an impoverished upbringing on Chicago's South Side, died Saturday at age 50."Actor/comedian Bernie Mac passed away this morning from complications due to pneumonia in a Chicago area hospital," his publicist, Danica Smith, said in a statement from Los Angeles.She said no other details were available and asked that his family's privacy be respected.


  1. That's fricken crazy! Ain't it?

  2. Tried to get here to write a decent post about Bernie Mac including my favorite scene of his.

    But of course, Devon, the copy and paste kind with no thoughts of his own, strikes again. What a way for Bernie to go, with news of his death being copied and pasted.

    Fuck you Devon, you D cup wearin son of a bitch.

  3. Random,
    You C cup wearing sonofabitch,
    If you have a good post then post it up. many sites write multiple post on the same subject when they use multiple writers.

  4. Bitch a little more, Random.


  5. I would have posted my own take on Bernie Mac, but every time Devon has posted a shitty article, and then I post a better one on the same subject right above his, he starts to email/IM D crying and whining about quitting and shit.

  6. Where was I crying about articles bringing in ten times more hits than mine? From what I recall articles I wrote MONTHS ago are still getting hits. Your articles don't bring in shit. My Danielle Harris blog is still bringing in more traffic than any other blogs today.

    And dont you dare call bullshit on you emailing/IMing D whining and crying about quitting.

    Why do you do this? You know you're gonna run your mouth, I'm gonna shoot your fat ass down. Maybe post one of your emo blogs. You'll throw a giant fuckin hissy fit, and I'll laugh at you. Then you'll quit for a couple days.

    Why don't you go lock yourself in a hotel room again and cry and vomit into a bucket about your Mommy hating your sorry ass.

    And that, is a shoot.

  7. Its obvious Villain could've just wrote his own and outdone Devon if that's what he thinks, but having a hissy because you weren't first is just funny. And when did Devon even mention is mother or any of that other bs?

  8. Ugh Random, you're such a fuckin' titty baby......STFU!!!

  9. This argument is disgusting. Devon did fine with his post. He made a comment, and then came back and updated with an AP piece giving details. Random, if you want to write an article so bad, why don't you? Just do one with some youtube clips or some shit.

  10. At least Devon has done something on this site lately, and given us a date on his Devovision, as where Villain promises big things like this "RVTV, and we get the same old bullshit, and bitching, and as most people said, "RVTV" never happens. How many posts could've been made today instead of bitching on here. And go back and look and see how many posts this site would have lately if Devon wasn't posting. I guess its official, this site isnt going anywhere, and no new features or videos, just Devon trying to post stuff to give us some regular news here, while RV rips it and starts huge pointless idiot battles on here.

  11. Seriously? who CARES about ANY of this bullshit.......SERIOUSLY!

  12. "Seriously? who CARES about ANY of this bullshit.......SERIOUSLY!"

    I don't.

    See what I do people, see what I've always done... I come into Devons posts, I plant seeds to piss everyone off, then I leave. Why? My work is done.

    You all are on here, on a Saturday night. PISSED off, slamming keys, coming back to DL alllll night long waiting for me to respond. While I am out, eatin a nice steak and potatoes dinner with some friends, watchin a movie, while you all are ABERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING your asses off all night long. Jesus people, relax. And god damn if you people don't care that much and hate me so much, how come you are STILL gettin pissy about RVTV not being out yet?

    You people are my puppets, I make you get pissed when I want, I make you happy when I want. I make Devon get pissy and block me on AIM and remove me off his MySpace friends list, then I make him unblock me on aim and add me back on his friends list.

    I control this site.

    I control your Saturday nights.

    And by the way.... since I feel like spoiling the fun and proving how control I really am around here...



    I am the master, and the ruled, of the world.

  13. Here's an idea.......


    Disrespectful Bitches