Friday, August 22, 2008

Superman Returns.......Again?

Thank GOD. Warner Bros announced that they are in the early stages of putting a new Superman movie together but they are forgetting that pile of shit Superman Returns movie ever happened and are going Incredible Hulk on it and going to try this one again. This is great news. I like Superman. Superman 2 obviously being the best of the bunch. But damn Superman Returns are shitty. He fought a rock. That was all. Blugh.

Next month Warner Bros will announced further details on the relaunch of Superman, as well as finally give us details on the third Batman movie. We will also get word on more DC character movies. A movie about the Green Arrow, called Supermax is already filming. I am guessing the other characters will be Flash and Wonder Woman, but we won't know for sure until Warner Bros give us more details next month.

Also, here's a couple bad ass fake Batman posters.

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