Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Riggs and Murtaugh are ready! Lethal Weapon 5 a go?!

I am trying to not get excited about this. The adventures of Rigg and Mutaugh are things of legend amongst me and my friends. When we head to lunch every day here at work, we try to decide, do we get Riggs? Because see in the movies, Riggs always had a back-up plan. So we have to decide, after getting a few tacos, do we hit Circle K and grab a snack for later? Pass that on, next time you're with your friends gettin food, say "I need to grab Riggs." And tell them to stop at Circle K or anywhere else for extra food.

Anyways the real story is this. Shane Black, the writer of the first movie, has a spec script done up. And he took this to Joel Silver, the producer of all Lethal Weapons, and Joel gave it the thumbs up. And then they took it to Gibson and Glover and well, they gave it the thumbs up too! So we will have to wait and see if this all comes together.

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