Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crazy Times In Arizona! Killer Tree On The Loose!

Man, every day I will check out the local news website, and there is ALWAYS something there that gets a laugh out of me, or makes me roll my eyes, or makes me sick to my stomach. Something strange is always going on in Arizona. So I figured I would Devon a news story for you all to check out. This happened in Sedona AZ.

An outing to the high country turned tragic for one Black Canyon City family.

The family's pastor, Karl Borman, spoke on the family behalf Sunday. He said that Craig Looney, his wife and four kids, were enjoying a picnic together at Oak Creek Canyon, near Sedona.

Borman said the family heard a cracking noise, and a tree fell on Craig. Two of the kids reportedly received a few scrapes and scratches.

The pastor says the impact knocked Craig off a rock and into the water, killing him. He says this is simply a freak, tragic accident.

"No wind, no storm, just completely out of the blue, it's not a risky thing to take your kids on a picnic to Oak Creek Canyon," said Pastor Borman.

"Craig was a good husband, a good father, I always picture him with one of his kids at least, one of his daughters in his arms, they have four."

A bank account has been set up in Craig's name at Bank of the West in Black Canyon City. Another account will be set up at Chase Bank, sometime Monday.

Man, that sucks. What kinda person do you gotta be to randomly have a tree just straight up fall and kill you? Seems like the kinda thing that would only happen in a cartoon. Also how fast can a tree possibly fall that you can't get out of the way? From what I've seen trees kinda fall slow because the trunk of it is breaking piece by piece. I find it even more strange/funny that the guys last name is Looney.

Also if you are wondering what, "So I figured I would Devon a news story", means, it is now and forever known as copying and pasting shit from other sites.


  1. You my man are subhuman not to mention a piece of sh*t!!! You are entitled to your opinion but this man was a great human being and even tho you think it is so funny, his name, yours describes you...LOOOOOOOOOOhon!