Thursday, August 28, 2008

Volcano Taco from Taco Bell!

So keeping up with the greatness known as Taco Bell. I saw a commercial for this crazy new pita thing that Long John Silvers was promoting. And I wanted one, bad. So I look up the closest Long Johns, cruise there, and see its a Long Johns / Taco Bell hybrid. I stroll on in to see they don't have the pitas, but instead, Taco Bell has a new taco.... The Volcano Taco. Sweet mother of god....

So, as always, if Taco Bell has a new item, I must try it, and I do so. The Random Villain tapped out. Too spicy for this guy. And it was instant. I bit in and knew right away I was in trouble, I grabbed my Baja Mountain Dew and drained it, snagged the cole slaw from my Long Johns meal and ate it, anything to cool the hotness in my mouth.

If you love you some spice, this taco should own your face off. It has the typical beef lettuce and cheese, but it has a RED SHELL....... WITH LAVA SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This this is no joke.


  1. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you put the volcano taco in your vagina, not your mouth. So-so in the spice department. Definitely not what you'd expect after reading this.

  2. Well you can indeed go out on that limb. I sir have somewhat of highly sensitive taste buds. So anything remotely spicy sets my mouth on fire. I can barely manage to get down a hot and spicy from McDonalds without needing to kill it with some soda.

  3. I dunno... the one I ate was pretty fucking hot. It was soaked in that fire sauce though. Maybe he just got a dud.

  4. LOL...I almost shit myself reading that comment. But seriously, there is almost no spice in that taco. My fiancee might have thought so, but I could barely detect any spiciness at all. Nothing at Taco Bell has any real kick to it, including any of the sauce packets.