Sunday, August 17, 2008

RVTV Episode 1

That's right fuckos. Most of you said it'd never happen. Guess what it has.

Episode 1 is pretty much just compiled of random clips pulled from all the video I have taken over the years. But as the episodes move on the show will move from random bullshit to just bullshit. Episodes dedicated to one subject, and so on.


  1. Well, at least it's better than St Awesome and the Shotgun Knights

  2. Shotgun Knights at least had some naked chicks in it.

    But thats about all it had goin for it.

  3. Are you kidding? All the hype for THAT? So you can edit your home movies together, great! All of this talk about this show exposing Devon and talk about Devon, and we get.....corn dogs, and a concert? I hope there is actually something planned with this...I thought the celebs may be a part at first, but just random video? Alright. Devon won't have to do much to outdo this if this is all RVTV is going to be...I'm shocked.

  4. Fail, Fail, and FAIL!

  5. Seriously? No, really, seriously?

    Devon, PLEASE tell us Devovision will be up in the next few days. This dick has SUCH a big mouth, acts like he's going to blow us away, and then FAILS, like it said. Devon's show will no doubt be better, i have NO doubt now, I LAUGH at this.

  6. Do me a favor and find the blog/comment that said RVTV was going to expose Devon?

    And people say I'm the one thats obsessed with Devon.. they're the ones wanting to watch shows about him!

    Also, fail fail fail? You guys said there would never even be an episode of RVTV up, and here it is. That is, SUCCESS.

    Oh look its Rachel, Devons number 1 fan. The only problem is, his fan club consists of one member.Rachel just needs to get laid. Her vagina is so dry 10 people were killed in it last week by a sandstorm.

    See heres the problem with you people. I DESTROY Devon on a weekly basis, and you people get all pissy and whine at me about it. And call me a true asshole..... Then you get all pissy because I dont EXPOSE Devon in this video?

    But hey, the fact is, you fucks watched. Like Ive said before, you hate me, you think I suck, yet you always come back for me. And now youre watching my show. Thanks for the hits! Suckers!

    I cant WAIT for Devovision to be up. I hope it is better than this video. Itll give me some motivation to make something good next time.

  7. Oh my fuckin god, you people are SAD. You trash the person who has a video up, and CHEER for the person that has NOTHING, NO VIDEO up. Fuckin pathetic, all of you, ALRIGHT DEVON, way to post NO web show....much cooler than RV who PUT SOMETHING UP. Talk about Fail, thats ALL of you commenters.

  8. I would like to see Devovision also, but I don't understand why all these people wanted to see Devon "exposed." We arent into that sort of thing.

  9. I like how you always say stuff like "thanks for the hits suckers!" and take pride in the fact that a handful of people actually come here on a regular basis to read your stuff. As if that has any value other than inflating your e-penis and pulling in that extra 1/2 of 1% of a penny worth of ad revenue.

    Go out in the street, yell "Billy Bob Thorton!" and more people will pay attention to you than will ever watch this video.

  10. Episode 2 of RVTV will in fact feature me going into the street and yelling Billy Bob Thorton! That is a promise.

    Also I don't know about you kid but I don't ever have anything to ever do with whatever an e-penis is.

  11. You guys are fucking faggots. Any video that features a bad ass Gene Simmons costume is fucking WINNRARRRR!!!!!