Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crazy Times In Arizona! Nice Parenting Dickhole!

Honestly I read a news story similar to this a few times every summer. Some IDIOT parent, goes to the store, bar, food joint, anywhere and just FORGET THEY BROUGHT THEIR BABY ALONG! And leave said infant in the car all day long!

Last summer some idiot Hooters waitress went to work, and forgot to drop her baby off at the daycare. Just, strapped the baby in and went on to work. Smart, clearly. Oh and her baby died from the heat.

Today here in grand ol Phoenix, some idiot Dad goes to Best Buy, shockingly 1 of the 2 Best Buys I frequent quite often, and just forgets his baby in the car! How? How in the flying fuck all of hell do you, as a parent, just FORGET you put your baby in the backseat? Stupid ass people. Anyways, this baby lived thanks to someone smart enough to call 911 and they came and rescued the baby.

A dad shopping at a Best Buy store in Phoenix apparently forgot that his infant girl was with him and left her in his car Thursday morning, Phoenix Fire reported.

The father had two other kids with him and left the infant unattended for about 10-15 minutes near Camelback Road and 20th Street, Phoenix Fire spokesman Courtney Jenkins said. The incident happened at about 10:46 a.m.

A bystander parked next to the dad's car saw the infant and called authorities, Jenkins said. When authorities arrived at the scene, they popped the lock off the car and found the baby "warm and red," he added.

"The dad is just distraught that he made an error like that," Jenkins said.

The girl was in good condition but was taken to Phoenix Children's Hospital as precaution, as is standard procedure for such an incident, Jenkins said.

Good grief, parents are stupid. Also today elsewhere in Arizona a 2 year old drowned in the backyard pool. Cause the Mom went upstairs for 10 minutes. Cause ya know, it's always a good idea to let your 2 year old wander aimlessly downstairs with access to the backyard pool that doesn't have a fence on it. Which I find strange since it's the LAW here to have a fence around your pool if you have any child under 5 living in the house. Trust me, it's the law, I know. I was informed that I have to install my fence within the first 5 months that our baby is born. Thanks stupid parents for costing me hundreds of dollars.

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