Thursday, August 28, 2008

The REAL TRUTH About Batman Rumors....

Alright, here is the facts. I get a headache every damn day from seeing these idiotic Batman Casting Rumors pop up all over respected news sites. So here is something that is not a rumor, but fact. And it is something that will put to rest every rumor there has ever been so far about the third Batman movie.

Chris Nolan, the man who co wrote and directed The Dark Knight. Has not even signed on to do the third movie. He might not even do it! He is off on vacation. There is no script for the third movie. Meaning there isn't even characters thought up yet for it. So Cher as Catwoman? Give me a fucking break people. Any news site that posted that rumor lost 10 points on being thought of as respected.
The bottom line. No script. No director. Means no possible way any type of casting has begun, or has even been talked about over at Warner Bros. Their main concern is making sure they get Nolan to return for the third movie.

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