Monday, August 11, 2008

DEVOVISION IS............never happening!

Shocker eh? Since Devon is all high and mighty in his comments, and seems to think that I am every single person in the comment section, even himself probably, I thought I would just fill all those that were eagerly awaiting Devons "web show" Devovision, in on what REALLY was the story....

I made a teaser for RVTV. And thought that Devon should make his own show on the site, to rival my show. I figured since everyone know how much we hate each other, we could use that to get some entertainment going. So I shot him a message that basically went along the lines of, "Hey since everyone on the site knows we hate each other, you should do Devovision, and basically spoof my video, even up to calling me a faggot and doing a backflip in the pool like I did in my video." And he was all for it, of course, his Devovision video was lame as fuck, he went with it, but I knew he would never ever complete an episode.

So, just to get all of Devons "fans"back down to Earth so they can stop waiting and hoping for his show to come out, I thought I would let you know that, as much as you hate me, Devovision was my idea, that I told Devon to do. And since Devon is "sooo high all the time that hes really laaaazy maaaan" he wont ever do a single episode of Devovision. So it's not happening. Stop waiting on it, stop hoping for it. Forget it.

RVTV. Episode 1. 8-17-08.

Also some of you might be wondering about what the hell I was talking about in a comment posted the other night about Devon puking in a trash can in a hotel room from crying so hard. Maybe, just maybe, I will let you all in on the story, or Devon could himself since all I'd have to do is copy and paste that pathetic blog.

Till then, this is Random Villain, crushing your dreams and making you all pissed off. Stay classy San Diego.

P.S. I have found out I can predict the future. I predict Devon throwing a hissy fit any moment now. And I predict that he will remove me from his friends list on MySpace very very soon. Why? Well because he is that pathetic.


  1. Just to inform you all. Devon posted a comment, throwing a hissy fit, then promptly deleted it.

  2. Oh. And he also called me fat!! OH NOEZ! (Because, Devon isn't fat at all.)



    What was it you said about me in another blog? I am obvious as fuck? BAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

    I'm not creative? This is very creative, and entertaining. You will see this Sunday.

    There you have it folks, Poor ol Devon, doing EXACTLY what I said he was gonna do.

  4. Did you think to copy and paste my myspace blogs in to a word document, so you'd have them just in case I deleted you?

  5. Your page? I didn't do anything with your page, I just went to my page and saw the 150 bulletins you posted over the weekend were gone. Meaning you took me off.

    My attempts? Well since they were completed movies, there wasn't an attempt. I wanted to make some short films, and I did. And what happened with Devovision? "I don't have editing stuff I don't know how what do I doooo????" Your words, not mine.

    I like how you say I am not creative at all, then you insult me with a line from a Kevin Smith movie. Who isn't the creative one?

    Also RVTV is not a movie, it's a web series. If you want a movie, don't worry, I have a little surprise for you, and everyone.

    You know that blog you wrote? About your Mommy and Brother hating you? And wishing you were never born? So much that you cried, and locked yourself in a hotel and cried so hard you puked all over yourself? Guess what, I am going to make that into a movie!

    With Myself playing you!


    Coming soon.

  6. And uh yeah actually I did copy and paste that blog into wordpad, and saved it. Wanna see?

  7. All of this over 2 "web series" that no one wants to see anyway.

  8. TRUE!

    But, you'll still watch it.

  9. This is not the kind of shit I come here to read. Waste of time, if you ask me.

  10. I agree I don't wanna have to go through this shit while just looking for entertainment news. It's obvious this "Random" guy is pathetic piece of shit with absolutely no hope in life. Oh wells off to read something that's not fucking retarded.


  11. So then go read something else FRANK. I don't give a flying shitgoose.

    And go through this while looking for entertainment news? Right because this blog is duplicated all over the site and has buried every bit of entertainment news there is.

    If you guys hate it so much, STOP COMING HERE.

  12. I've posted here before on something similar. I don't understand why you let this guy write on your blog. It makes no sense.

  13. oh come on, a big tease and now we get nothing? Better just be more hype for the big revealing.

    Also i'm still waiting to see RVTV and Devovision both after all this hype for those too.

  14. Random Villain just apologized to Devon?


    The feud that is the main focus of this site ends just like that? Where do things go now?

  15. You're BOTH losers!

  16. See how much of a little kid Devon is? I apologize and he STILL throws little fits about it.

    What a big fat baby. Maybe I should post this blog for all to read. I think I just might. Maybe in a couple minutes.... maybe in an hour.... maybe whenever I get around to it.....

  17. LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Come on Villain...lets see it already...whats goin on there with apologizin and acting like chaps with the fruity guy, this is not the Villain we seen the likes of here mate.

  19. LAME!


    What do people see in this idiot?