Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not A Good Weekend For Blacks. Isaac Hayes Dies.

Good grief. What is going on with black famous people this weekend? First we lose a great comedian in Bernie Mac, now we lose Isaac Hayes! This is fucked up.

Isaac Hayes was found lying near a treadmill unconcious and was later pronounced dead. No word on exactly what caused it but, if an old dude is running on a treadmill, I'm guessing the heart just said fuck this and clocked out.

To most people, Isaac Hayes is known as the voice of Chef on South Park. To most others, he is the man that won an Academy Award for one of the most bad ass movie themes in the history of film for the movie "Shaft". To a few others, they know him as the crazy inmate Zook that saw "monsters in the gelatin!" in Reindeer Games. To us fanboys, he is The Duke from Escape From New York. But to all of us, we will always know that if we ever need a definition of cool, we just have to look up Isaac Hayes.

Isaac Hayes final movie, is actually one I have been waiting more then 4 years on. Return To Sleepaway Camp. Which comes out on DVD this October.

And we only have a couple weeks left to share with Paul Newman. Doctors have given the Hollywood Legend just a couple weeks to live. I had always held out hope tham Newman and Redford would get together for just one more movie. So go out, snag up some Butch and Sundance and The Sting and try to make this weekend a bit better, cause so far this is the most depressing weekend ever.


  1. This is how its done....great look back at a legend.


  2. Don't forget, He is Ah-Sneeze, Father of Ah-Choo