Friday, August 22, 2008

Devovision. The Truth!

No this is not the long awaited release of the first episode of Devovision.

As many of you loyal readers know, a few days ago Devon threw a giant hissy fit like a 8 year old girl who lost her Jonas Brothers CD, and declared I AM DONE! I QUIT! ABERRRRR!!!!! For the 107th time.

Well here is the truth, Devon ONLY quit to avoid having to keep his promise of putting up the first episode of Devovision. He knew it was going to suck fuckin balls. And he knew he was far too lazy to get up and do something on video for it. So he found a way out. Found a way to keep from having to stick to his promise of Devovision, how? By throwing a temper tantrum.

Like I said before. Devovision. Is never happening. Sorry kids. I wanted to see the jolly red cheeked oaf do flips into pools and all kinds of crazy mess but, he's a baby. What can ya do? So don't get all mad at me. Don't start callin me an asshole. Don't you dare start gettin all pissy pants with me cause I keep my promises to you. You want more entertainment news? I post it. You want some random hot chick posts. You got it. You wanted RVTV. You got it. What does Devon do for you?



  1. Yet you keep comin back, every single day.

    Now what is more lame... someone that posts blogs that people read every day to bitch about?

    Or someone that reads blogs that they think are lame yet they keep reading them constantly?

    Thanks for being one of the many that keep this blog alive with your hits! Now...

    Someone get this lame-o out of my yard.

  2. Dude you call your cat puss puss and you cry with your friends. I no longer need to find anything to prove you are gay. You did that job for me.

  3. Annnd Devon pusses out again. Why not be a fuckin man and stand up for yourself, wasn't that the whole point of "Devovision"...give RV a Fuck You back on video instead of just giving in like a total pussy? Man up!

  4. Cause he knows I'm better. I'm Johnny, he's Larruso if Miyagi never came along.

    I'm Clubber Lang, he's Balbo if Apollo never came back and took him back to the ghetto.

    I'm Michael Myers, he's Laurie Strode if Loomis never showed up. Except Laurie Strode made it out of the closet, Devons still locked inside.

    I could go on, but you get the point.

  5. If he doesnt know anything about you how come you get so mad all the time about what he says?

    Also you should post this video to entertain us you damn jelly bean.

  6. Devon is the fat kid that plays hide and go seek and everyone is having fun but when he is it, he fakes being hurt to avoid being it and ruins everyones fun.

    Way to go Devon. If you haven't noticed, these blogs and this topic get more attention and comments than any news articles we post. Way to ruin a good thing. So that's it. Since Devon is a big baby, and won't post Devovision. Then I have nothing more to offer on all of this and there will be no more Devon blogs. The war is over. I win. Devon quit and ruined it for everyone.

    But always remember my loyal readers. I kept my promise to you all. Devon is the man full of lies.

  7. Wow the internet is serious business.

  8. Sadly, Random hit the nail on the head, Devon only cares about himeself and how his feeling got hurt, PLEASE. If he gave 2 shits about the readers, he'd be making videos to ENTERTAIN US. Sure cutting RV back would be part, but the bigger picture is, the readers want entertainment....and Devon refuses to provide any due to pussy fits.

  9. I'm flattered you think my videos would be entertaining. I assure you, they would probably not be. Also, the lack of Devovision really has more to do with the tropical storm/hurricane that's been sitting over us. Kinda been stuck in the house for the three days I intended to make a video on.

  10. That is the most pathetic excuse ever. THERE'S A HURRICANE OUTSIDE! I CAN'T FILM ANYTHING.

    You realize how stupid that sounds? What did my video lack? A mother fuckin HURRICANE! If I had a hurricane/tornado/earthquake/alien invasion I would damn sure be filmin all kinds of shit!

    You know what it's called. Imagination. Being creative. Something you lack greatly. What? Scared if you go outside you're gonna blow away? Mother fucker check out the mirror, your ass isn't going anywhere.

    But nope, stay inside your internet cafe shelter. Why go film awesome shit? Why film a hurricane going on outside your window? And even if your windows are boarded up, which I doubt since you seem like the last guy on earth that knows how to work a hammer and a nail, you could still film SOMETHING. Go stick a carrot up your roommates nose and film that. Fucks sake.

    Imagination. Get one. Mr. Creative Writer.