Thursday, August 7, 2008

Give Conway Wickliffe Some Recognition!!!!!!! The Dark Knight Curse Is Retarded

God fucking damn I am so sick of this shit. Every damn news site is going banana sandwiches with their "The Dark Knight Curse" rumors. Morgan Freeman is divorcing his wife, and for some reason every site is saying "Oooohhh it's because of The Dark Knight!!" And then you read the article and it mentions NOTHING of it having to do with The Dark Knight.

But then they do mention the other "tragedies" from The Dark Knight.... Lets see...

This is an exact quote from, now this is just a quote from this one site, but trust me damn near every other site out there has the same exact things word for word....

These aren't the first tragedies to strike the cast of Christopher Nolan's second Batman flick. First, Heath Ledger died from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs in January. Then, days after the film's premiere, Christian Bale was arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother.

Now, call me crazy. But Heath Ledger died after The Dark Knight was finished filming. He had even finished all his post production work for the film and promos. But, Conway Wickliffe died ON THE SET of The Dark Knight. He was a crew member involved in an on set car accident while filming one of the chase scenes. This guy, died making one of the greatest movies ever made and what could soon be the biggest movie ever made. Yet no website out there mentions him in this whole "The Dark Knight Curse" bullshit.

On top of all this, Christian Bale is thrown in the mix saying him being arrested is also part of this retarded "curse". Guess what, he was arrested for getting into an argument with his mother whom he has not had a good relationship with for many, many years, long before Batman ever came into his life.

Tabloids need to grow the fuck up and stop being so god damn stupid its ridiculous. And give Conway Wickliffe credit. If you are going to talk about any tragedy of The Dark Knight, talk about one that actually happened while the movie was being made, not after it was all said and done. I mean, Heath Ledger died while filming the new Terry Gilliam movie, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, so how come there's no The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Curse?

R.I.P Conway Wickliffe.

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